The reasons why consumers shop online instead of in stores

The reasons why consumers shop online instead of in stores

Reasons consumers shop online

These are main reasons consumers give for online shopping.

You can see that convenience and price comparison are the main drivers. This chart also illustrates the importance of free shipping offers.  The 40-page report also considers variation in perception by country and in different generation groups from Baby Boomers to Gen X and Millenials.

The 6Cs of Online Commerce

This research reminded me of a simple mnemonic I developed in one of our books which I think is still covered in many universities and colleges. These are the 6Cs of Online Shopping or Consumer motivation:

  • Content
  • Customisation
  • Community
  • Convenience
  • Cost Reduction
  • Choice

Considering these, most are covered, but community is not – this relates to UGC and reviews which are covered elsewhere in the research report.

The reason consumers prefer to shop in-store

It’s also useful for retailers to consider the drivers for offline purchases since this suggests how online merchandising techniques like interactive product shots, VR and AR can help with the need to see/touch/try the product.

It also shows the importance of the trust factor and it is still important to reassure the credibility of the supplier and possible provide human-assisted options online.

Research details

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